Annie Paul

In 2007 I had reached a stage in my life where I wasn’t at all sure that I wanted to be here on this planet anymore. Precisely, death beckoned as a good option which was extremely confusing because I appeared to have everything to live for yet my joy for life had vanished.

My first exchange with Dr. Jobst confirmed this and the relief that someone else totally understood how I felt is hard to describe. Not only understood but without judgement of any kind. It seems I was experiencing a kind of metaphysical depression originating from my childhood. It was a dysfunctional background that led me to become two divided and fearful Selves.

Dr. Jobst’ work is deeply challenging, believing that when we are sick we have the answers within us however deeply buried in our subconscious they may be. Initially it can be an emotionally painful experience to reach deep into our psyche as we are guided to face our deepest fears allowing a new level of understanding to take place and with it healing and wholeness.

This is unlike any doctor or discipline that I had previously encountered and it brought to my attention a whole new vocabulary for illness such as ‘diseases of meaning’. A marvellous concept in which we, the patient, learn that disease is a meaningful state and with that knowledge and greater understanding of Self we become stronger and able to collaborate in our own healing process. This was an exciting and liberating idea and one that I connected with immediately. From that point on I trusted that I could, with his help, become integrated and whole again and I believe that I now have.

The key for me was the discovery that a negative emotional thought produces a negative physical reaction in my body. Learning how to better manage my thoughts – always a past event – to become fully present has been a profoundly important part of the re-integration process. Regular consultations with Dr. Jobst, his homoeopathic remedies and nutrient support have all played their part in my restoration.

He has been the pivotal point, the catalyst, which has enabled me to discover who I really am and in the process to travel to an entirely new level of wellbeing and joi de vivre. Without his sensitivity and skill I doubt that I would still be here, loving every minute of being truly alive.

I sense that Dr. Jobst’s particular approach to wellness in body, mind and spirit is more important and timely than it has ever been. We as a society are currently in a state of health crises; ‘Diseases of Meaning’ not only sheds light into dark corners, it also offers hope of an entirely different order to millions of people searching for a new route to optimum health. We ignore this at our peril.

Annie Paul. UK. (A patient’s experience of his work) 15.09.09

Liz Barker

Dr Jobst was for me the catalyst I needed to put me back in touch with my own healing mechanism. He is a truly inspired intuitive physician with a deep understanding of the body-mind connection.

My recovery stemmed from a comprehensive assessment of my physiological and emotional needs, as well as a thorough and cathartic investigation of my personal history and any environmental factors that may have affected my well-being. This made me feel totally met and supported in my quest to heal and fulfil my potential as a human being.

As a therapist, it is with gratitude and humility that I acknowledge the privilege of working with such an eminent and wonderful man.

Liz Barker April 2010 Biodynamic Psychotherapist. UK

Richard Shooter

I was recommended to Dr Kim just over three years ago in 2007 and in that time he has provided me with exactly the right balance of challenge and support.

He has always given to me from the heart and I am very grateful to him for this.

I initially consulted him because I had been diagnosed with severe adrenal stress and told that I must avoid stress, but I did not accept this diagnosis because I knew that I made my own stress by my diet, activity and most of all my thoughts. Thoughts become things.

In addition a combination of homeopathic remedies, food-based supplements and a better diet, and great support from Dr Kim is resulting in a continuing improvement in my health to the extent that I feel so much better than I did.

Richard Shooter. April 2010 Chartered Accountant. UK.

Jane W.

I met Dr Jobst at a very difficult time in my life. Physical and emotional turmoil would be the best way to describe me at that time. I had no energy – I was exhausted despite sleeping the majority of the hours in the day. My stomach was a mess and I found I was constantly teary, and irrationally angry much of the time. I felt unsure about the direction or purpose to my life but was scared to let go of what I knew even though I sensed that it was holding me back and no longer served me. Dr Jobst was the first person to ask me what was happening to make me feel this way. He was the first person to encourage me to ask for more from my life. And he was the first person who took me seriously rather than just telling that the me that the best thing would be to just take some drugs and get on with it. He saw my deep unhappiness and acknowledged it, and he looked at my potential and nurtured it. He looked beyond the constraints of conventional medicine with great wisdom and treated me individually and holistically and yet at all times I felt safe through his medical pedigree as a respected Doctor. I am not saying that seeing him will result in an overnight miracle (although I see that is completely possible). It took me a long time to get well and it was a process where I encountered many ups and downs. But he set me on my path to understanding myself and respecting myself and in doing so I became well. And happy. He saw me at a time when I was bereft and still believed in me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Jane W. Artist and Set Designer.