Foodstate - a brief introduction to our own Nutritional Shift Foodstate nutrients


Functional Shift Consulting offers only selected products - products that we have spent time and care studying, formulating, and choosing so that you may achieve optimal health and performance in your life.


In natural foods, the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements we need to be able to function at our very best are not found in isolation i.e. they do not occur in nature as isolated chemical structures or salts. They are in fact found as part of an intricate and complex structure with a wide range of other ‘carrier’ food factors (often over one hundred different compounds), which define them and assist in their recognition by the body for their absorption, assimilation and utilisation. Indeed, Vitamins and minerals REQUIRE their respective delivery co-factors to function optimally: Vitamin C in Lemons, for example, occurs with bioflavonoids amongst other components. This also means that when the minerals and vitamins are presented to the body in the foodstate you need much less because it is immediately recognised and absorbed.

Within food itself, vitamins and minerals are integrated with important co-factors to ensure maximum delivery to the correct and specific absorption site, and then to ensure optimum assimilation wherever it is needed in the body. This is a precise process that has evolved over millions of years. Non-foodstate nutrients can not be absorbed or utilised in the same way.

The importance of Foodstate Nutrition formulations, therefore, is in their ability to provide and deliver nutrients to your bodys cells and organs in the forms that are most recognisable to them i.e. they are identical to the form in which they exist in fresh food. The rate and extent of absorption, utilisation and healing has been proven in scientific studies to be greater with foodstate supplements than with any other nutrient source except food itself.

Foodstate Nutrition

All the Nutritional Shift foodstate nutrients are formulated and made uniquely as follows by the Grow company in the USA:

Using organic constituents where possible

They are manufactured to avoid nutrient loss

They are encapsulated in a digestible non-allergenic form

They are suitable for vegetarians

They are all free from sugars, colours, flavourings, dairy, gluten

They are free from preservatives

They are free from live yeast at the time of manufacture