What is the unique Functional Shift Experience?

Kim Jobst

Functional Shift is a guided process of health and healing. It is a health protocol by means of which a person is helped to fundamentally Shift their appreciation of the way the human system works. It facilitates an understanding and alignment of the underlying correlation between a persons health challenges and their habitual methods of handling their life experiences.It is a process that enables a person to uncover their latent health potential, and which allows them to integrate this knowledge into a healthful life. The efficacy and extent of each person’s own Functional Shift occurs in direct proportion to the level of personal self-honesty that they can helped to muster and to the level of inherent “self-understanding” that they can achieve.

Our Food State Nutrients

All our Foodstate Nutrients are uniquely manufactured by The Grow Company of New Jersey, USA, using state of the art methods which comply with the highest possible criteria for excellence and good clinical and manufacturing practice laid down by the United States regulatory agencies.

Kim Jobst

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