In addition...

He has an extensive global network of medical and other colleagues with whom he works, to whom referrals can be made and with whom problems can be discussed.

His unique and integrated approach helps people understand and transform their illnesses, and what may be going on in their lives at any particular moment, and gives them tools to facilitate any necessary changes in lifestyle which will ultimately impact positively on health and wellbeing.

This can be a long journey on occasion and equally it can be surprisingly quick! Working in this way may entail specialised blood tests looking at nutritional and metabolic status as well as other sorts of tests not available through the UK National Health Service.

Professional interests

Dr. Jobst is Editor in Chief, of the leading Science Journal in the field of Integrative Medicine: “The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine: Research on paradigm, Practice, and Policy (

Dr. Jobst is a founding member of the Prince of Wales' Foundation for Integrative Healthcare, and has recently been appointed a Foundation Fellow (

Dr. Jobst co-founded the National Care Farm Initiative whilst consulting for The Bulmer Foundation in Hereford, and serves on the Management Board of the West Midlands Care Farm Initiative. (